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Programs for the elderly

They know life with all its facets, bearing in mind a baggage full of memories and experiences that have taught them and made them stronger. Unfortunately, old age brings with it not only wisdom but also incapability. The body loses its force, and what once seemed natural, now requires a huge effort. In happy cases, the elderly are surrounded by a loving family that cares for them. But in many cases they are alone, confined to their homes, sick, weakened by age and with low income.

The Romanian Maltese Relief Service reaches a helping hand to the elders in need, trying to lighten their burden and to provide them a serene old age. Through our programs we raise the quality of life of these elders, pursuing two main aspects: care to offset the physical and financial incapacity (homes, home care, hot meals), and organizing activities or company to chase loneliness and increase self-confidence (clubs for the elderly, visits, performances, pilgrimages, spiritual assistance, trips etc.).

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